Sep 2nd, 2013

Misrepresentations of Every Living Thing

I forgot to badly draw stuff for a really long time, which is a real shame.

So I made a thing like this:

romantic house spaghetti

Which looks better bigger, and one like this:

girl on a train

Which really bothers my eyes, and a few more things on the digital art page.

Aug 13th, 2013

through the reeds

Just some words and a tune I made, related to a project I might be starting on.

Dec 25th, 2012

The Chopping Block


I remember thinking that it was rather inglorious, the way he pointed the block out to me by the tip of his axe. As if I hadn’t noticed it yet, hadn’t been staring at it the whole walk out there. That’s where it happens, I thought. You can trust that I had examined the whole scene thoroughly.


Apr 10th, 2012

Backstage at the Ruse with Eddie Bell

Cement is such a grim choice in flooring. You only choose cement for the rooms people never really go into. You put on your slippers and bring a flashlight when you venture into the cement-floored rooms of your home.

“Hey, you ready man?”


Mar 31st, 2012

A Successful Date with Matthew Unsworth

I don’t very often go on what one would consider to be traditional dates. The idea that I should meet a girl for an assessment before we decide to have sex with each other seems horribly inefficient, and more than a little insulting, to me, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Desperate is exactly what we are.


Mar 8th, 2012

How to Shuffle Poker Chips

Feb 18th, 2012

Result of Taking Sleeping Pills

Feb 17th, 2012

New Westminster


I have moved in directly across the street from an apartment I lived in eleven years ago, and it sort of feels as if my life has been reset to that point. I walk the streets here and get a fairly surreal sense of having lost time. I haven’t changed a lot since I was seventeen, and neither, it seems, has the city of New Westminster.

We are both, however, in the midst of extensive revitalization initiatives.

Feb 14th, 2012

Dear Reader

Dear EveryoneListen, I don’t want to make a big deal out of this, but I think you should know how I feel. It’s been a long time coming.

It should really be no secret that I am at least a little prone to this sort of proclamation, but no less am I, this time, sure that it’s right. I can’t — I won’t — ignore what’s inside of me.

I should just say it.

I am in love, simple and plain.

With my own ability to draw flowers HAHAHA YOU THOUGHT I ACTUALLY LIKED YOU

Feb 13th, 2012

Radiohead at the Grammy Awards

With the Grammys tonight, I’m going to focus on the only three categories that matter, which happen to be the three categories Radiohead are nominated in.

Every other category will be won either by Whitney Houston or any of a plethora of six-year-old girls in oversized sunglasses, and either way the award will be dedicated to Whitney Houston. This is especially true if Whitney actually does win, by foul magicks, and teleports in from the morgue in a puff of angel dust to dedicate every Grammy to herself.

Better to give them all to Radiohead. Since we have only three categories to work with, we can simply ignore the rest of the ceremony. (more…)