1 hour and 12 minutes

Ladies and gentlemen, I will now script a wrestling match.

Wrestler #1 (let’s call him GERDY) walks out from behind a bunch of fireworks. He jumps up and down screaming “arhrgheeraaahhgg!!” and spitting on himself.

Wrestler #2 (let’s call him PERDY) falls from the ceiling and says, “I am going to open up a can of whoopass! YEAH! WOO!”

GERDY grabs PERDYs hair and throws him out of the ring. PERDY grabs a nearby microphone and explains to the audience that he would like to eat GERDYs face.

PERDY jumps back into the ring and devours GERDYs face.

GERDY gets extremely angry and kills three fans before eating PERDYs face. PERDY crys a bit, and then GERDY falls down as PERDY falls down and they all fall down.

GERDY and PERDY stand up at the exact same second and slap the ring official. The audience boos for a while, then they chant “PERDY BOY!” alot.

PERDY, now with crowd support, falls ontop of GERDY and the ring official suddenly wakes up and lightly taps the mat 3 times.

PERDY grabs his penis and walks around acting really cocky. Then, GERDYs brother, BERDY, kills PERDY.

All fall down.

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