Alex Babylon

I love Alex because she’s naked all the time. She wrote a blog entry though that put me off a little, saying that she wanted to get married or something like that. I don’t like reading things without pictures so I just skimmed it, looked at her naked for a while, came back and skimmed a bit more. I think I’ve got most of it and it sounds like she wants to get married, which is a bummer.

Or so I thought, until I considered that she could just marry me! She’s naked literally always and I don’t think I care about any other quality in a woman, so maybe I’m ready for a commitment here. At this point in time she has not accepted my proposal but I haven’t given it to her yet, so.

For the sake of lazy I’m just going to announce us married from this moment on, until we die, to have and hold and to look at naked. She gave me a free password for her website and I’m pretty sure that’s as good as consent to marry.

Now I find myself a little disturbed that my wife has naked pictures all over the interweb. All of you men are staring at her, touching your penises. I may have to get a divorce and take custody of her naked pictures.

Update: We are really married now! I just went to a website that offered free marriages and put her email in there, so now it’s official. So far our honeymoon has been awesome; I downloaded some videos of her naked and masturbated, then I played Quake II with a bot that I named after her. Later I hope to play Quake II with Alex herself, because there is nothing more romantic than jumping off of a bridge and firing rockets into your lover’s face while she figures out how to move.

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