Feral Kittens are Exciting

11:00 – Two of them are sitting under the dining room table staring at me. The third is staring at me from somewhere else, which I can feel though I haven’t been able to spot it yet.

11:08 – The third has emerged from inside of the couch, and is now staring at me from on top of the couch.

11:15 – They don’t do much. I started taking notes under the impression that this would be exciting.

11:18 – I don’t think they do anything. They’re still staring at me, and one yawned a minute ago.

11:31 – One is using the kitty box, the others seem to be in awe of it. It’s their hero now for knowing how to take a shit.

11:43 – The hero just got it’s ass kicked by the colorful one with the scary eyes. It’s not the hero anymore.

11:52 – Staring. Something interesting has eight minutes to take place. Or else I will make it take place.

12:00 – Nothing happened so I tossed a sock near them and they fled the area. Even that was boring.

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