Gina from Camchicks

I don’t recall exactly how I came across Gina, but all that matters is that she has saved me from falling deeper into the void of my depression. My so-called wife hasn’t been paying enough attention to me lately, so I thought, “hey this red one will do.” You see, Gina has red hair.

Hello. I run my website and I’m cool. If you’re the redhead on your site, you’re hot. Otherwise you might still be hot, but I wouldn’t know. The point of all this is that the redhead is hot. Can I have the redhead?

I’m smooth. Basically the only thing I have to do to impress girls on the Internet these days is mention my website, and the rest is random mashing of keys.

Gina here (the redhead)
I am glad too see your site is back up and running. Also very flattered that you think I am hot *blushes*


I sent her my screenname and spent the next few hours masturbating to her photos while I waited for her to sign on. We spoke about a lot of things, and by a lot of things I mean two things: her breasts and red hair.

Gina’s not going to talk to you if you try to stalk her the way I did, but it doesn’t matter because she has seven webcams on 24 hours a day, never leaves the house, and is always naked. I’m not ready to file for a divorce from Alex just yet, but let’s just say that Gina is currently more nude, more often.

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