I baked water

Look, at this.

Here, I’ll show you, look!

Wait, hold on..

Ok, look! This was an assignment I did for my communications course, you’ll find it funny if you read it through, trust me, really, look!

Just look.

Instructions from teacher:
Write a short paragraph about yourself or something you have recently done. This is to test your writing and grammar skills in general, you will not be graded.

I broke my cellphone today, I dropped it. It made me mad, extremely mad. It broke into 5 pieces, I counted them many times to make sure, in case it were only 3, because it can come apart to 3 peices and snap back together. Unfortunately, it is gone for good. I have no warranty, you know, because I’m so ghetto. Boohoo. You know, breaking cellphone’s is an art form, I’ve done it twice. I find the casual drop far greater than slamming it into the pavement or hurling it off a building. Seriously.

Teachers notes:
That’s too bad about your cell phone! However, the story make great assignment material. Well done!

THAT IS FUNNY! Not my story, but my teachers notes! It’s also ironic, isn’t it? Yes it is, yes it is!

If you’re unsmart, I will tell you the reason for all the funniness like a bad comedian stopping to explain the punchline. Isn’t that lame? Ok, look, it’s like this: The course is meant to teach proper writing styles and grammar, and “story make great assignment material” is horrible grammar!

See? I told you it was funny. Seeeee????


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