I’m right, you’re stupid

Now dear children pay attention
I am the voice from the pillow
I have brought you something
I ripped it from my breast

‘Mein Herz brennt’ by Ramstein, english translation.

I don’t think I should listen to music ever again. I’m starting to believe music is dead. Yes, all music. Further evidence can be found in the fact that Eminem says “shit” 17 fucking times in ‘stan,’ one of the biggest hits like, ever. When you need to say shit 17 times you’re running out of magical filler words. I don’t get that shit. That shits stupid, saying shit and shit. What the shit? Shit my shitter out the shit.


There’s a show called PopStars I’m sure alot of you have heard of. It’s like ‘making the band’ only with girls. They’ve decided on the final 5 girls who will be in the actual group, and in the latest episode went into the studio to record their first song. Now, the girls got upset, and one even began to cry. Why? Because they want a more R&B sound and the song was too “pop” for them.

The fucking show is called ‘PopStars’ you morons!

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