AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)

A Quick Survey On Farts

schoolsurvey12: i am doing a survey for SCHOOL about something funny and the funny thing is farting would you like to answer some questions.
schoolsurvey12: Sorry if it offends you. please dont warn me
fancydink: I would love to do a survey about farting for school!
schoolsurvey12: ok here are the questions
fancydink: Hooray! I have been accepted!
schoolsurvey12: do you fart in public. do you fart in school (if attending). do you fart around friends . do you fart in the pool or bathtub. are your farts mostly silent but deadly or are they loud . tell an embarrassing fart story about you or a friend. do you enjoy farting
fancydink: Yes. No (no). Yes. Yes and Yes. Silent. One time I farted on my friend. Yes.
schoolsurvey12: thanks only one tonight that enjoyed farting so do i thats why i picked this dsurvey
fancydink: Sometimes I sit on my knees and lean forward so that I am almost standing on my head, and then I rock back and forth, farting with each repetition. My mom doesn’t let me do it so much anymore, so I only get to on fridays when she is out having sex with her girlfriend and pretending to be shopping.
schoolsurvey12: why doesnt she let you do it
fancydink: She says that it isn’t becoming of a dignified man. I tried telling her that I’m not a man, but she doesn’t listen. She just hits me. She plays Uno and hits me, all day, and then on fridays she has sex at the supermarket.
schoolsurvey12: so you like to fart
fancydink: Yes. One time I farted on my friend.
schoolsurvey12: a lot
fancydink: Just a little.
schoolsurvey12: it feels good
fancydink: She didn’t think so.
schoolsurvey12: yeah
schoolsurvey12: i like to fart in the bathtub yeah
fancydink: I bet you like to do lots of things that your mom doesn’t like in the bathtub.
schoolsurvey12: like what
fancydink: Oh, yooouuu knnnooooowww!
schoolsurvey12: no just fart
fancydink: On your penis.
schoolsurvey12: lol nope
fancydink: Don’t tell a lie. This is an official AIM school survey, which I think counts as being under oath to science.
schoolsurvey12: ok i do
fancydink: I bet you’re farting on your penis right now, aren’t you?
schoolsurvey12: i love for gorls to do it for me if you know what i mean
fancydink: No. I’m going to tell your mother you said that.
schoolsurvey12: g2g bye

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