AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)

I’m Not Erika

tsizelov: ahhhhh!….must lick those tits!……..:)
fancydink: I’m not Erika
tsizelov: hmmmmmm………pink is such a great color……….:)

StraT PlaY 119: i find u very attractive
fancydink: You’ve never seen me.
StraT PlaY 119: i saw u on ur website
fancydink: I’m not Erika.
StraT PlaY 119: do u have ne picsa?

DAKOTA191879: hi, how are you?
DAKOTA191879: hope youre doing ok!!
fancydink: Oh, I’m fine.
DAKOTA191879: i saw your pictures this morning and i was wondering what was that thing you were using on yourself
fancydink: I’m not Erika

BlueFueI: Hey are you Erika?
fancydink: No.
BlueFueI: Do you know Erika .. or even who I am talkin about?
fancydink: She’s a friend of mine.
BlueFueI: Do you know her personally?
fancydink: Yeah.
BlueFueI: She is fine
fancydink: I’ll let her know right away.

hot_antonio_69: hi sexy… u look wowwww… am 26 italian…. sexy body …
fancydink: I’m not Erika
hot_antonio_69: ahve a web cam too.. if u have a web cam too, add me to messenger..
fancydink: I’m not Erika
hot_antonio_69: trust me.. u wont be sorry ..

Britz Corleone: i love your boobs
Britz Corleone: i can see that you do too
fancydink: I’m not Erika.
Britz Corleone: well i am quite confident that you have nice breasts

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