Occupy Something

He sits cross-legged on the concrete with his coat folded neatly in his lap. His tie is loosened, top button undone, creating the perfect image of a man off work. He’s frustrated his job, but he’s doing all right. He’s here in solidarity. He works on Wall Street, but in spite of his own personal success, every day when he leaves the office he comes down to Zuccotti Park to occupy it.

Not far from him, a girl is standing on a stone slab with a big smile on her face, completely topless. More people seem interested in her than our man off work, as she hops up and down and shouts and hollers. People ask why she’s there, or what statement she is making with her nudity. She tells them it’s her right to be shirtless and she’s there to support the decriminalization of marijuana.

The Occupy movement began with a lot of frustrated people coming together to tell the rest of us that they won’t take It lying down any longer. Unfortunately, “It” is somewhat open to interpretation, and like everything else, the movement ends up being a street party and nothing ever changes.

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