What if you were sitting at home alone, peacefully watching television and not owning a dog?

Okay, I know this isn’t very interesting yet, but give me a minute.

So there you are, definitely not owning a dog, watching television. “I like this show,” you say to yourself, “and I don’t have a dog.”

BAM! A poodle is spotted at the other end of the sofa, just like that!

A dirty poodle, no less, with a crooked head! Not crooked as in tilted, but crooked as in its eyes and snout don’t seem to be in the right places on its face.

When I stopped laughing at it, I said to myself, “Wait, self, you don’t even have a dog!” I laughed at myself, then. I stopped laughing when the dog made a sound.


It’s been here overnight now and I have no idea why.

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