Journal: Oh, Hello

fancydink: You have chat enabled.
fancydink: Weird.

lead_me_home: You have chat enabled.

fancydink: Well, I like chatting.
fancydink: But other people aren’t supposed to.

lead_me_home: Oh you like Patrick Wolf!

fancydink: Patrick Wolf is great. Let’s find him.

lead_me_home: To the lighthouse then
lead_me_home: Are you like in creative writing or just the rambling type?

fancydink: Are those the only two types of writing?

lead_me_home: It’s an entertaining profile for sure
lead_me_home: It’s a bit hard to see you through all the fog though

fancydink: Oh no. I have no idea what that means, but I feel horrible about it.

lead_me_home: You don’t feel horrible

fancydink: Why not?

lead_me_home: I have no valid argument
lead_me_home: but I stand by it
lead_me_home: Do you know what a Jabberwocky is?

fancydink: Yes, I know what a Jabberwocky is.

lead_me_home: Do you know what a Shrubbery is?

fancydink: Yes, I know what a shrubbery is.

lead_me_home: Do you know what a quark is?

fancydink: Yes, I know what a quark is.
fancydink: What is happening right now?

lead_me_home: I wouldn’t know, testing?

fancydink: Would you be dissapointed if I didn’t know what a quark was?

lead_me_home: of course not
lead_me_home: also I don’t have high expectations
lead_me_home: Do you write stories…?

fancydink: Yes, I write stories.

lead_me_home: Stories about what?

fancydink: Robots falling out of the sky. Men masturbating in the forest. Children killing themselves.

lead_me_home: Sounds beautiful.
lead_me_home: You remind me of an author I can’t remember

fancydink: Noam Chomsky.

lead_me_home: I don’t think so but then again I can’t remember

fancydink: You’re using me. You want me to send you stories.

lead_me_home: So you feel used already?

fancydink: Yes, and I’m super happy about it.
fancydink: Do you want to get drunk and not have sex?

lead_me_home: I get drunk and don’t have sex pretty often

fancydink: I mean together.

lead_me_home: Yeah I think I wouldn’t mind that
lead_me_home: I guess thats almost why youre here.

fancydink: I like meeting drunk people.

lead_me_home: AA might be a better bet
lead_me_home: What’s your name?

fancydink: Christoph. Yours?

lead_me_home: Em. or eh meh sheh
lead_me_home: your name is so normal

fancydink: I’m so sorry about my shitty name eh meh sheh

lead_me_home: just figured an unusual person would generally have an unusual name but my theory goes unproven
lead_me_home: I’m (778) XXX-XXXX in case you do want to get drunk together sometime

Irreversible Mistakes