Journal: On Apartment Hunting

Things I have learned:

1. I am basically too tall to live anywhere.
2. It is important that you check to make sure apartments have sinks.

There is not a lot that I can do about my height, apart from grow to hate myself, but I was already doing that. I feel like a tremendous monster, offensive and terrifying to landlords who apparently have no idea that people even come in a model my size. One woman’s eyes immediately fixed on me at the door, she pointed and said, “He’s going to be a problem…”

A lack of sinks is a somewhat less common issue, but presents a major problem. After we’d left what was a seemingly perfect apartment, we spent the rest of the day trying to reconstruct the kitchen from memory, and I’ll be damned if not one of us could figure out where a sink might have fit into the picture. Seemed important in retrospect.

Irreversible Mistakes