Please don’t read this

Future Christoph here, coming at you from 2022. Since this is currently the oldest post in my archive, it’s the right place to explain a couple of important things that will help you understand what you’re actually reading here.

First of all, E/N sites were a precursor to weblogs and social media. They were sometimes media-rich online magazines, but more often they were just publicly posted journal entries, selfies, bad artwork and so on. Even at their worst, they were fonts of self-expression for a generation of early-Internet nerds.

In my case, I had a lot of sites that ranged from bad to awful, and I’m embarrassed by absolutely everything about them. But I’m keeping these things online because they are no less a part of who I am. In these early posts, I mostly just write meta shit about the site and link to other sites. I am not going to include all of it, but a fair cross-section.

It’s also worth noting that, up to about 2004, I am writing everything as a 28-year-old woman named Amanda. I was, of course, actually a teenage boy. This started as a joke and a way to get people to pay attention to me, but it was so successful, and I did it for so long, that I eventually started to identify as Amanda. I didn’t get back to my real life until I moved to a small town and got off the Internet for a year.

Anyway. Enjoy this historical first post from 2001. Older archives are currently lost, which would go back to 1998, and I will hopefully add some of that one day.

I had to change the DNS settings again, so the site was down a while again. Last time, I promise.

Anyway, you, I have to make another post for you. Today I choose to make fun of everyone who asks me to link their brand-spankin-new geocities pages. I will tell you now, I do not link geocities or AOL Hometown pages. The reason is because I’m a bitter bitch and want to make everyone around me feel stupid. Or, as an alternative, it could be that I think you should put more effort into making a website. You asking me to link your geocities page is the same as me asking Yahoo to exchange links. It would look something like this:


Hi! I run a site and would like to do a link-exchange with you. I enjoy your homepage at and think it is very funny. I will put a yahoo link on my main-page if you do the same for me! THANKS!

I really did send that mail just now. If I ever get a reply I’ll be sure to let you know.

The point is you’re stupid.

Actualy, alot of you don’t have a website. And I bet a few of you have some pretty good websites… but some of you are stupid.

Asking for a link is ok, I don’t mind that, just don’t have a geocities page. Oh, and don’t use namezero or anything either, that’s cheating.

Of course, I used to use namezero.. and I used to beg people for links.. and it worked for me.. but I’m just not as nice as other people. In fact, if you ask around you’ll find that most people hate me. Why? Because I’m mean.

In short: I don’t link geocities pages. Unless you’re Slight, Slight’s cool.

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