Internet Science: Practice

I have decided to test the theory that people can improve skills through repetition, because I think this is something which totally needs to be tested.

For this experiment I will be throwing a set of eight darts at a target I have drawn on my refrigerator with a sharpie, over a hazard course provided by my cat. I will be using an arbitrary scoring system, because I don’t understand the game of darts, for ten consecutive rounds, or whatever rounds are called in the game of darts, if the game of darts is even called “the game of darts”.

Round 1: 140
Round 2: 90
Round 3: 100
Round 4: 120
Round 5: 180
Round 6: 165
Round 7: 180
Round 8: 220
Round 9: 220
Round 10: 310

Conclusion: Human beings do, as it turns out, get better at things with practice.

You’re welcome, Internet.


  • spacemonkey

    June 2, 2011

    Your methodology is sound. Excellent data.

  • Dink

    June 4, 2011

    A few days have passed now and, in the interest of accuracy, I have to report that my accuracy has become interesting. In this case, “interesting” means “hahahorrible.”


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