Second-hand electrocution

I’m going to assume we’ve all seen Lord Pimpledick getting tased at Coachella, because there has truly never been a video with quite so many ingredients in place to go viral. I’m not often one to help such infections spread, but this is just an outstanding accomplishment for the Internet and humanity.

It’s a wizard, with a tiny penis, who refuses to put his robes back on and gets tased by the police, as hundreds of onlookers stand around calling for a revolution (yet looking feeble and doing nothing).

I was like 😀

The first question that came to me when the clip ended was the same as that which comes to everyone else who watches this video. Why would he want to be seen naked?

It was pointed out to me however that there is a more important question here, regarding abuse of power, human rights, and oppression.

I chose to ignore that completely, though.

As I watched for a third time, I found myself mesmerized by the sight of his tiny penis flopping around on the grass as his muscles seized. A new question came to mind.

I wondered, if I put his dick in my mouth (for example), would I also be tased?

I decided that researching this sounded a lot like work, so I put the question to a few friends and posted it on a few websites. Of course, the question is perhaps a bit crass and might seem inappropriate, so I was careful to phrase it differently.

If I was tased for groping a woman on the bus and my hand was still on the woman’s breast, would she be tased?

I think that’s more politically correct, right?

Just about everybody seems to think tasings can be daisy-chained, to some extent. But just about everybody is wrong just about all of the time. Eventually somebody with apparent knowledge on the subject showed up with evidence to show that tasing is, in fact, limited to the naked man with barbs in him. Check out that thread if you’re curious.

This brings another question to mind. If I were to repeatedly tase myself during sex, would I technically be a vibrator?

I am seeking volunteers to test these and other theories with.

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