So long, goatasses! I mean, ‘suckers.’

I need a break.

I need a vacation.

I forgot what outside looks like.


I’m going to let random people write here.

Don’t yell at them.

I’ll be back on Monday.

And they’ll be gone.

On Monday.

Maybe Tuesday.

It all depends…

…are there lesbians in Atlanta?

Hey! Future Christoph here, popping in from 2022. After I posted whatever that is above, I took a total of two days off. Big hiatus, right? During that time a couple of people wrote posts on my site, but I don’t really want to archive those here, because that doesn’t make any sense now that this site is just an archive of dumb shit I’ve put on the Internet throughout my life.

Instead, here is a list of links to websites run by friends of mine at that time, via the Wayback Machine. Check them out if you’re interested in exploring the E/N scene circa 2001. This was basically our version of social media.

Anyway, after my two-day vacation, I wrote the following. Whenever I get the opportunity to point out how old I was when I wrote stuff, I’m going to take it, so please note that I am 17 in 2001.

I am back.

I wasn’t in Atlanta. I lied because I’m silly. Silly me! Sometimes people call me silly and I agree. Then we forget what we’re doing, and make out for a while. But there had to be a reason. There must be something that provoked my sillyness. I could tell you, but I’m not sure you’re ready to hear this. I guess, it’s best if I just say it.

Sometimes, this website gets boring.

There, I’ve said it… I was bored. So, I took a break, and had sex with Allison because she is a slut and likes to engage in sexual acts. With me. The kind with several home-made tools. Like candlecocks.

Anyway, about the folks I let write here for the past couple of days. You see, my break came on very short notice. I just decided I was bored, so I went away. I didn’t have time to be picky, and that was the result. Though it was some horrible writing about horrible things, some might say it was ‘better than nothing.’ Personaly I’d disagree with them. I do believe having absolutely nothing at all on this site would have been better than what was provided by our guest writers. I will now firmly slap them, call them pansies, and move on.


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