Fuck Frosty

I have decided to stalk Frosty.

I have her address, and am going to stalk her.

Why? Because it will be fun to bring you a report of what Frosty spends her time doing. You’re interested I’m sure, and I will bring you a full report of what the froster does after I succesfuly stalk her.

It will be fun! And, if it isn’t, I will find some way of making it fun.

If she’s boring and does nothing, I plan to shoot her with bean-bags untill she submits to being more interesting.

I honestly will.

I will wait outside her house tonight, and follow her wherever she goes (most likely, the airport; her flight leaves at 3:30pm).

Just you wait, full report coming soon.

Update: March 17th, 2001.

I have followed Frosty to Paris. Frosty was strange enough to go and post her travel plans on her website. She even gave exact times of which she would be in certain places. I was planning on going to Daytona Beach for Spring Break, but Paris sounded fun, and so did stalking Frosty. So, my little vacation fund bought me my way to Paris. I hopped on a greyhound to SEATAC airport in Seattle. She was there about 2 hours after I arrived, and I watched her from a distance for a short while. She was just sitting there. At one point she got up and scratched her ass, what fun. She mostly seemed to be just thinking. She didn’t do much..

When she got up to go to the bathroom I took my chance and followed her in. I introduced myself, and she kinda backed off, then said something along the lines of, “what do you even want?” My only reply was, “I’m stalking you.” She laughed at me, so I pushed her. She kicked me in the shin, so I punched her. She was bleeding, so I laughed at her. Then she punched me, and it kinda hurt, so I said, “slut.” She gave me the finger and left :o)

I followed her, of course. I sat my ass down right next to her and we began to talk. We talked about Samn alot, it’s the one thing we have in common, Samn’s funny. She dared me to go all the way to Paris, and I accepted it, I had planned on it anyway. She said she wouldn’t let me stay with her, though, so I figured I’d just offer her The Sex and she’d change her mind.

So here I am updating at a net cafe, she is reading email on the computer next to mine. This is somewhat surreal, isn’t it? I’m staying in a room 2 floors up from her. I’ll sex0r her later, promise.

I cant update much side-content on this site while I’m here really, so you’ll have to settle for what I did before I left, which was make a forum. It’s still in test-mode kinda, I’m not sure if I like YaBB yet, we’ll see. Go register, post, read, and love it.

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