War at 11

I sat at the deadline with my mother and sister and waited for things to explode. It felt like primetime, a much hyped episode of a favorite TV show about to come on. We exchanged excited, nervous glances, not entirely sure of what exactly we were supposed to be doing. It wasn’t must-see tv. This was to be the start of a war. Buffy didn’t much matter all of a sudden.

We stayed glued to the television set for an hour and a half before being rewarded by air-raid sirens. Rewarded? Shit. We sat there with our cans of Pepsi and our packs of Players Lights, and we tried to explain what was happening.

“They’re just doing this to get their citizens riled up.”
“I bet the US is using new technology and we’re not going to see anything.”
“Do you think they’ll get Saddam?”
“Why would they do this just before the sun comes up?”

We, of course, are just as stupid as you and your family. But I have a website, so I have to write something. I can’t sit here and watch the skyline of Baghdad, waiting for it to explode, and not post about it on my website.

Whatever happens, I won’t be posting any breaking news here, but I’m sure if something amazing takes place it will be noted in the comments of this post. Please keep war talk to those comments and the Current Events board, so people who want to ignore it can do so.

Maybe you should sit down with your family instead. Or maybe you should just go to sleep.

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